For Student Wives ONLY


This is an addendum to Sexercise #3.  If you are not ready to complete this item, please exit this page now.


While your husband is pleasing himself, there are a few things that you want to make sure you pay attention to:

Does your husband touch himself in any area other than his genitals?  What manner of touch does he use?

When he touches his penis, how does he do it?  What hand is he using (left or right or both)?  Notice his grip.  Is it over-handed or under-handed?  Do you sense that he is squeezing it tightly or loosely?  Is he holding his penis with his whole hand or just his fingertips?

Does he touch his scrotum or perineal area at all?

Does he massage/penetrate himself anally at all?

As he strokes his penis, does he focus on any particular area more than others?  Does he give any special attention to the head/tip of his penis?

As his pleasure builds, do you notice any “pre-ejaculate fluid” being released from the tip of his penis?  Does he make use of this in his self-pleasuring?

Notice the “quality” of his erection.  Is it full and firm throughout, or does it build in intensity as he progresses?


As your husband begins to climax, there are a few things that you need to make sure you are paying attention to:

Are you able to detect when he is getting closer to orgasm?  Do you notice changes in breathing?  Do you notice changes in the pace, pattern, focus, or intensity of his self-caress?

As he is approaching his orgasm, do you notice that he is using any form of plateau pattern (i.e. that he is speeding up/slowing down the pleasure intentionally)?  Do you get a sense that he is attempting to prolong the pleasure through controlling his strokes/response?

When he begins to climax, does his body convulse/contract in any visible ways?  Are his hips moving in any particular direction?  Are they going upwards off the bed or do they appear to be pushing into the bed with his upper torso rising up?  Look at his legs/feet.  Are they rigid or relaxed?

What about his facial expressions?  Does he look relaxed or “pained” during his climax?  Is he making any sounds or noises that give indication that the pleasure is more intense?

As he climaxes, make note of his ejaculation.  Is it emitted with “force” or does it “ease” out?  How many times does it “squirt” or “erupt?”  Do you notice any difference in his hand movement as he ejaculates?  Does he stop stroking while it happens?  Does his stroking speed up, slow down, or remain steady during this time?  As his ejaculate begins to taper off, does he seem to “squeeze” it all out (like a toothpaste tube), or does he let it “empty” on its own?

As you are taking notes in your mind about your husband’s pleasure responses, mentally record any points of curiosity/inquiry that you would like to discuss after the Sexercise is complete.


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