Yeah…What He Said!

Apparently people were really touched by this post.  It even made the local news.

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 4.14.05 PM


One thought on “Yeah…What He Said!

  1. I really enjoyed it myself, my wife included. For years I felt like the experiences I had before Christ and also before marriage had watered down my view on sex and all that it could be. Thinking that I was so wrong for doing what I did previously to other, it made me dumb it down or should I say keep it very simple and safe with my wife. I noticed that the enemy way robbing me of what I truly was suppose to experience with my wife and her only. I think people feel like sex is this hidden subject that only can be spoken about through the actions of it’s foul misuse. I believe it was meant for marriage and marriage only. It’s been taken out of it’s context so much that now when it is being put into it’s proper perceptive some misunderstand. For us , we are learning that it is okay to enjoy and have fun enjoying. My wife and I understand now that we are to enjoy eath other like no one else can.

    Thank Ya !!!!!


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