My Wife Has Saved Me

It is often said of a wife that she has saved her husband. That is certainly true in my case. Of course, I don’t intend this in the eternal, spiritual sense we normally think of being saved though I am sure the love of many women has led their spouses to the Saving Knowledge of Christ. I speak, instead, of husbands being saved by their wives in another sense. Saved from life. Saved from fear. Saved from pain. Saved from himself.

Connie M. Smith has saved me. She has saved me in ways simple and complex, surface and deep, common and profound. I suspect there are many husbands that would say this about their wives. I don’t need to elaborate on details because men know the depth of their own souls and pain and weakness. We also know the transformative power an “Abigail” can offer us, even if we have yet to demonstrate sufficient Wisdom to let that power wash over and transform us.

Connie has saved me in the same way many women have no doubt saved many men throughout history. What I am most grateful for, however, is that she has not saved me to herself as others have done. Delilah saved Samson, at least I’m sure that’s what he thought was happening. To him, her touch, caress, and voice were not of sexual seduction, but of salvation. Her sex was of a healing nature. She was a safe place for the powerful man to rest, a place where he didn’t have to be powerful at all. But, alas, her love was not love. She offered him rest in her instead of offering him rest in God through her. A troubled and troublesome woman saves a man unto herself. The true love of a true woman saves and heals a man that he may be more secure in Christ rather than being secure in her or even in himself.

A woman is capable of continuing or competing with the work a mother, father, and/or an earlier life has begun. She can do this whether the initial work be good or bad. A good woman may find the need to skillfully combat, complete, undo, and/or undermine the previous work as appropriate. She will know how. Given enough time, she will discover what her man needs, what he lacks, and what needs to be broken away from him. It is what a good woman does. She gives life. She nourishes. She heals. She saves. I’ve been saved. I’m being saved. Connie has saved me.

I have recently considered one larger idea in all of this. It may, in fact, not be a woman that saves a man, nor even the love of a woman per se. It may simply be that Love is what saves. If this be the case, it makes sense that a good woman saves her husband to God and not to herself, for God is Love.

PS: I am sure this could be said of a man saving his wife as well, though that has not been my primary or personal experience. That is, I do not think that it has been.



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