WHERE DO I START? (Contents)


Believe it or not, there is a sequence to these articles and posts.  They flow strategically in a (somewhat) logical order that is designed to move you and your partner forward towards Great(er) Married Sex.  Feel free to explore on your own and in your own order.  Just know that if you go out of this sequence, you may discover that you have unaddressed questions or concerns that were dealt with previously.  There is a lot here.  The main goal is that you enjoy this site and benefit from it as a couple.

  1. The Rules of the Road
  2. The Boundaries of Sexual Eden (SENSUAL)
  3. Sex Tip #1: Do You Talk? (SWEET)
  4. Sex Tip #2: Sexual Genuiness (SEXUAL)
  5. A Facebook Wife Cries for Help…and Plans a Boob Job (SEXUAL)
  6. Me Not Always So Horny, but Me Love You All the Time (SEXUAL)
  7. The Power of Married Masturbation (SEXUAL)
  9. What is it EXACTLY about Orgasmic Sexual Pleasure that You Don’t Like? (SEXUAL)
  10. Sexercise #2: A 72-Hour Self-Pleasure Pass (SEXUAL)
  11. Possible Places Your Inner Vixen Could Be Hiding (SEXUAL)
  12. Sexercise #3: Watch and Learn (SEXUAL)
  13. The One Danger INSIDE The Garden
  14. Sexercise #4: “SHOW & TELL” and Share

2 thoughts on “WHERE DO I START? (Contents)

  1. Mike and Connie! Just located your site and am so pleased. I am hoping that with the help of Holy Spirit and your articles and occasional scriptural references, I can enjoy a renewed marriage with Deb. Although i am serving God as a minister-to-men, we are not doing well at home. Our “desert” experiences as i term it, have been damaging and we need a bath of trust/honesty/candor etc. I am looking at your writings as possibly the answer to prayers.
    I do want to know—-are you currently writing (producing) for this site’s ministry? If you could share any more about yourselves, I’d appreciate you doing so. May 2013 be a blessed year for your ministry. I am very appreciative and supportive of gracious sexual teaching…and see a very present need for this ministry to have a more pronounced position among helps ministries in our churches. please respond.


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